Hi, I'm David Kossnick.

Product @Coda. Frmr Founder/CEO, PM @YouTube & @Google. Father, husband, brother, son, cat lover.
David Kossnick
I work on Product at
, and advise + invest in startups on the side. Previously, I was a startup Founder/CEO, and before that was a Product Manager at YouTube and Google. In my spare time 🥖 🎸 🐈 🎮
| ✉️
I’m also doing a side project podcast/show about practical tips for AI builders, called Bits and Bots.

⭐ Professional Values

🔄 The best feedback is concrete and fast.

We owe it to each other to be direct and help each other grow. Quickly. Give me feedback about anything specific anytime - I will always do the same!

💡 Great ideas can come from anywhere.

Good culture, process and tools can help teams be stronger than the sum of their parts, and get the best ideas from everyone. This is part of what drew me to working on

🎯 Great execution requires focus & sacrifice.

I love Be clear what’s in and out and why, and then actually cut what’s out.

🔥 Gives me energy

❤️ Making users happy, as seen by 😃 and 📈
🔨Climbing up and down layers of abstraction (code, sql, Figma, pitching, etc)
💭 Reducing brain → reality translation steps
🤔 Learning, getting better faster
🏁 Focus on goals and outcomes, no big egos

More from David

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